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Chapter 6 Page 1

June 6th, 2009, 2:04 am

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Author's Comments:

Posted by Qwchestr

LOL and so the flash back chapter begins. XDD

Now entering the final character of the comic, Julia! Also known as RICK'S FUTURE WIFE. XDDD

This chapter will be in Rick's POV.

Lol Hope you guys enjoy! And thanks so much for the comments and support! ;___; <333

Posted at June 6th, 2009, 2:07 am

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Posted at June 25th, 2018, 3:27 am

Reader's Comments:

Posted by BAMchick96

ohh shes pretty owo

Posted at June 6th, 2009, 2:12 am

Posted by Qwchestr

@BAMchick96: Lol what? This isn't the last chapter XD;;

lol thanks! 8D and how did a loser like Rick manage to get such a nice girl? We will never know XD

Posted at June 6th, 2009, 2:13 am

Posted by BK_1/VGKid

Stud muffin can a muffins even pick up dates? XD hmmm but muffin can get me though they are deliciousmmm.
My name is fun to write? XD Others have a hard time with it XD glad its fun to write for you XD I'll never eat yellow snow XD plus i no snow here D: darn you central California *shakes fist*

Posted at June 6th, 2009, 3:07 am

Yes total stud muffinlike xD

Posted at June 6th, 2009, 10:18 am

Posted by Noelle

Obviously, Julia is like me and is easily swayed by the charms of dork-ish guys :p, with almost mullets...=[

Posted at June 6th, 2009, 11:58 am

Posted by BAMchick96

oh sorry typo XP i meant to type character -_-"

Posted at June 6th, 2009, 12:34 pm

Posted by Qwchestr


@BK_1/VGKid: LOL Muffins can do ANYTHING XD And yeah! It's fun to write! <3 Awww, no snow in Cali. D: I'm going to visit there in summer! I always get un-altitude sickness when I go though, cause where I live in the mountains we have dry and thin air and Cali's humid and thick air makes me sick @___@;; It's like Im breathing water XD! But I still love Cali, such a colorful place compared to here! <33
@thelonelyhobo173: LOL Totally! ;D
@Noelle: ME TOO! XD I love dorky guys, unless they are Star Wars fans...those are the not attractive kind. XD;;
@BAMchick96: OH! lol I see! <3 ((I still love ur username btw, Its so cute XD))

Posted at June 6th, 2009, 5:30 pm

Hikari Yuki
Posted by Hikari Yuki

She creeps me out, a bit. [Maybe I just am being biased?] Hahahah! Her hair looks edible though.


Posted at June 7th, 2009, 12:48 am

Hikari Yuki
Posted by Hikari Yuki

Whoa. That's the shortest comment I've ever left on here?!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAT!


And this comment is just delicious spam to make up for such a heinous act! BWAHAHAHAHAH!

And then something deadly comes flying out of the abyss and splits my noggin open....

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 12:48 am

Posted by Qwchestr

LOL what? She creeps you out? XDDD

ahaha, her hair is so fun to color, and now I know why! *EATS* <3

And DANG GURL. Whya re you always getting hurt in one way or another?! XDDD!!

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 1:08 am

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

"So!? So!? How do I look for my date?!"
Danny was a WEE bit too generous with his remarks, even with the usage of "muffin-like." O_o; Muffins have better asthetics (with all their colorful berriness) than...err...Rick's hairdo. O_O;
...I would've said something else, all right. ^^; Nice choice on clothing though, Rick! *Thumbs up*

It's fun seeing them in their college years - the years where everyone is trying to experiment renovate themselves to be "cooler" than their high school years (yet, like Rick - horribly, horribly failing a majority of the time). *Snickers*
Maybe I'm jumping too far in my conclusions - but just based on the character designs alone: Rick was probably the psuedo-popular/social one in his ol' college days. With Danny, he looks to be the reserved/sensible one who probably reluctantly wrote Rick's research papers out of pity (or preservation of his sanity, depending).
*Peers at fifth panel*
Ah...whose this lovely (crazy) lady that apparently decided Rick was worth dating??? :3 *High fives Rick* One can only wonder if either date has known the worst of one another already... ^^; Well, unless it IS their first date? Hrm...>_>;;;
Oh well - she looks nice enough (although that could just be my bias towards light white and blues as "friendly" colors!).

Anyway, one thing I would like to note - as small as it may matter - is how there's simply five panels. Five panels, with words, body language, and whatnot going on. It's a great way to update, no? More for the eye, yes?
For me, five panels would've been very busy work for me even though I know how some scenes work better with just a few, emotional panels that occasionally parallel or juxtapose one another (like your Ch.5 with Phillip's and Johnathan's exchange). O_o;

P.S: On your last reply, you've mentioned that you wanted to write "how at some point they thought everything was one way, but with time learned just how stupid they were and how much they've grown" when it came Rick and Danny.
Frankly, I don't think that's lame at all - in fact, I like stories who can be well-rounded in the Entertainment and "Leaving the reader with something important (if they bother to look)" departments. If I only wanted entertainment, then I'd only watch lame reality shows. XD
And yeah - I'm currently up the canal with my college years as well; and currently, my brain's spastic and pissing poodles over how I "think" my future will turn out. Hopefully when I get to be Rick and Danny's age - I'd finally get my shit together and just grin over "how silly I was back then" while knowing I still have more to learn as I get older.
Besides, call it strange - but I'm looking more forward to my middle age than my early twenty's. O_o; Maybe THEN I'll have a clue on how to do things? If Danny and Rick can figure it out SOMEHOW at age thirty-ish; methinks I can stand to be more patient with my development too! ^^;

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 5:00 pm

Posted by Qwchestr


LOL so true, Rick likes to go along with fashions ((In his younger years anyway)) And needless to say, some fashions were not worth following @___@;;

Yeah! This year is going to be super easy sinse I am in college and know exactly what it's like. XD LOL you got it right about their type of characters in only one page! XDD So amazing! Though, Im sure Danny wouldn't do his papers for him. He would be standing over the desk staring at Rick all mean-like until Rick finished it. XDD

LOL Im sure she already knows the worst of Rick ((the guy pretty much wears his heart on his sleeve without knowing it XD)) and she is a pretty smart girl. And lol yeah, she is nice! I never liked thouse BL stories where they make the girl out to be the bad guy. It's like, why?! XD

OMG, I think I have no idea what that means. XDD You sure do know a lot about comic making, dont you? :D Thats really amazing! *is just a loser who draws whatever without thinking about it* XD;;

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 5:16 pm

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

Upon checking back, I was like "WOAH, SHIT ALREADY?!?! O_O" when I saw your reply! XDDD
Haha, and I agree with you - I'm often digruntled over BL stories who portray women as man's commmon enemy. Pssh. It's almost as if girls who portrays other girl chaaracters like that have repressed angst their own mothers/sisters or something. T_T
Methinks real girls just get hostile when they see the girl character as a major cock-block. Unfortunately, this attitude towards women in BL stories carry over to other things like video games and whatnot. -_-; ...I also notice how girls tend to judge women characters very harshly versus guys (even if they're psychopathic-yet-handsome bastards that eat people's organs). O_o; *Shivers*
Without real and imaginary women, there'd be no BL characters in the first place! *Laughs*

Oops...! XD When it comes to comic paneling - some people take it very seriously while others rely on a more intuitive, natural process to tell their story. Sometimes, people who often practice carelful comic layout then trains their mind to think about it more naturally.
But, it can also take a while to do - especially if one is to become perfectionistic about it. Panels are only one part of the story, after all.
Layouting is not the only important to telling a good story - and it also depends on what type of story you're trying to tell (newspaper + punchline strips versus an elaborate, epic autobiography).
When it come to comics - just for fun, try looking at how some comic artists tend to make the last panel suspenseful in some way (like an unfinished dialogue, or a certain expression or sound effect that strikes alert emotions in the reader). It forces the reader to stay with the story versus simply shutting and placing the book down.
Other times, panels are not drawn in straight lines - but in tilted, trapazoids - very helpful for action scenes. But, these are just some of things artists (like writers) use to manipulate the reader's reaction.
A lot of it is subconcious and experimental.

Sorry if my rambling on comic-rhetoric (made up word, I swear) was long-winded and overwhelming. If you're curious, there's one page I can explain to make it clearer (your Ch 5, Page 11); for, it appears your background experience in reading and thinking about comics have affected your storytelling too.
It's like how writers read great books and end picking up a few things from that author without ever conciously grasping it. You don't have to over-think and analyze comics to make good ones, though.

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 5:39 pm

Posted by Qwchestr

LOL Yes, already~ Sppedy replies for you, dear~ ;D
Ahha, I agree! Girls need to calm down and just...get ALONG already. XDD
I know! And there are some REALLY amazing female characters out there! People for some reason just are mean to female characters, I dunno why. ((though addmittingly, there are just as many AWFUL girl characters as there are amazing. Mainly the fanservice girls, but they usually have no personality so I never actually hate them. They are just...there. XD))

Oh, I see! That stuff is really interesting, I had no idea! :D LOL All of my pannels are squares. I think it's because I'm an animator, I like to keep everything in the box. XD;;

Chapter 5? *goes to take a look* Hmm... I don't really know what I did on that. That was the page where ppl were just like "Whats going on? I don't understand." XD;; But I know what you mean by picking things up from stories. I LOVE to read anything by Kazuya Minekura ((Like, she is pretty much the only manga artist I will read now, cause once yo read stuff by her everything else just looks bad. XDD)) and I really love her stories, they make me wanna cry. D: I always want to be able to write like her. :D

EDIT TO YOUR PS XD: aww, thank you so much! It's nice to know that some of my subtle things I throw into my comic wont just be overlooked by everyone ;W; <333 and it's nice to know ppl dont think it's lame. XDD and I actually like books/shows/comics where you have to LOOK to find things. It's so much more interesting than being spoon-fed the information. D:

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 5:50 pm

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

CH 6, Page 11:
You may not think it, but the fourth panel is a good example on psychological distance.
Your may have never said to yourself "All right, I'm going to purposely make this a long panel here to show their distance!"; but, somewhere in that head of yours - you did it.
And the fact that you gradually eased into not letting the reader see the character's faces (especially Johnathan) only adds more to Phillip's and Johnathan's distant relationship.
And also, imagine comic panels zooming in and out like a camera (that's what some famous comic artists do, anyway). From panel one - you're slowly going from "face-->mid body-->whole body"; making the atmosphere more cold and removed from the time you once allowed the reader closer contact to your characters. And it really adds to how there's more to Johnathan than the happy-go-lucky persona we see in the beginning.
Even WITHOUT the dialogue or former knowledge of the storyline, one can already tell that these two guys are distant.
And of course, selective shots (such as J's back or blocking of the eyes a.k.a "windows to the soul") is also helpful. ^_^

On other topics... *FLAILS* Kazuya Minekura... T_T I know EXACTLY what you mean! *Flails some more*
She's part of what influences me to become the storyteller I am today. As you probably already know, she is very character-based when it comes to plot. Versus a solid, plan of pre-planned step-by-step events - it's a leisurely exploration of the dynamics of the Sanzo team, past to present. In fact, while writing to you about the comic paneling; I couldn't help but to wonder if I could recommend Minekura to you as an example.
If you got Saiyuki Reload, volume 3 - there's this one particular page that inspired me to think about comics as I do today. If you ever look at the two-page image of Ukoku (a.k.a Nii Jiyanni) killing his mentor Sanzo Goudai - the overlying image is of a raven. With black screen tone, flying feathers, and the sleeves of yukata poised in flight to the wind--it's a moment captured in time.
The motif of ravens in used throughout the Burial Arc for Ukoku's chapter, and it's a very befitting metaphor for the character of Ukoku.
Sad thing was - it took me a THIRD read to finally realize, "Hey, that looks like a bird!" ._.;; While I still subconciously knew it was a captured 'moment in time' of Ukoku murdering his mentor...I didn't need the metaphor to enjoy the story. Upon finding it out, it'd only made me enjoy the story more. ^^;
When it comes to comics, I usually love to read through the plot the the first time - and on the second time, that's when I decide to look at some "secret things" artists try to do to make the reader have fun. :)
It's like watching the entire "Behind the Scenes" extra of an awesome, movie that leaves you wondering, "How did they do that?!?"

P.S: I'm so sorry if I butchering your comments list by making totally(?) off-topic. O_o;;;

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 6:32 pm

Posted by Qwchestr

Oh, I see! Wow, I didn't know there was so much to comic making! @___@;; And I feel so accomplished now. XDD!! You are awful for my ego, ya know that? *INFLATES* <3

AND FKNRGNKR. YOU LIKE KAZUYA MINEKURA! It's so hard to find people who read her work! And I know! Ukoku is like, the most amazing villian EVER. I loved the flashback chapter where he is talking to Hazel's master and the Master asks "Do you have a god here?" and points to Ukoku's heart, and Ukoku just smiles and is like "Well, I guess not anymore..." and *GUSHES* When he says he is jealous cause the master cares for Hazel and shows Komyou saying the same thing about Koryuu. It's so amazing how she made him so obseesed with Komyou, but made it so subtle. Like when he is fighting with Sanzo you can just FEEL the hate towards him, cause he beleives Koumyou died for Sanzo. D:!! Which he did XD;;

Speaking of Whic have you ever read Wild Adapter or Stigma? Those two are AMAZING! ((I'm still easing into Bus Gamer, for some reason I'm not as into that one as the others. XD)) But like, I CRIED at the end of Stigma. D: It was AMAZING.

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 6:50 pm

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

I'm in the same boat as you are.
Finding people who read Kazuya Minekura is difficult - although to all the friends (and sister) I've lent her works to, they always seem to come back to "Wild Adapter!" *Grins*

As for Stigma, I unfortunately haven't read or heard of it. T_T Is it offically licensed and out for sale? Or is it offered translated by a scanalation team? HOW DID YOU COME ACROSS IT?!? XO ~<3

As for Bus Gamer, I personally like it even though it's pretty much a one-shot that left me hopeful when Minekura mentioned how she would like to work with those guys again. For me in particular, I desperately want to know about the three mens' pasts because throughout - you only see clips of memory for each of them. A bloody, opened locker; a bleeding wrist; a talking corpse; a unigue phone attachment of an animal's skull... one cannot help but to wonder. ^^;;;
By the way, what particular characters from some of the various series do like? Character-design wise, personality-wise, or whatnot-wise? :D

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 7:14 pm

Posted by Qwchestr

Lol for real! Though I have to agree with them, Wild Adapter is amazing! <3

As for Stigma, I just know cause im obsessed with her works. XDD You can read it here if you want ((It's a one-shot comic, and it's completed, and fully colored! @__@)) :

Bus Gamer, I can't help but like Nobuo and Kaz pairing. XDDD ((I think thats how it's spelled?)) They are just sill.y XD And I know she is making bus Gamer into a manga. I think she has two volumes out in Japanese so far?

And DANG. I like a lot of her characters, but my MOST favorite has to be Komiya from Wild Adapter. He is just AMAZING. I love the fact that he is so head over heels in love with Kubota, but doesn't even know it until he is on the brink of death. D: The scene where he is on the couch with Kubota with him sleeping and Komiya bent over him, but not quite touching, it just got me so bad. ;W; <33 I am really sad he died, but I always freak out when he appears in flashbacks., XDD;; <3

I am also really interested in the relationship the main guys in her manga Honey Comb have, and also from Saiyuki, the relationship between Gat and Hazel, and between Ukoku and Koumyou. Btw, did you know that the next volume of Saiyuki is the last? D:

I also just got to the part in Saiyuki Gaiden where Konzen dies, and F:JWEROPF MY HEART IS BROKEN. It was just SO well done, I can't believe it! <333

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 7:25 pm

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

In Bus Gamer, I have to agree with you. :D Nobuo and Kaz have an awesome dynamic, and frankly - I think the two compliment each other in several ways. ^_^ Not to mention, hilarious. :D
One scene in particular, where Kaz was thinking about he wanted to be able to know his teammates and to trust them...that just got to me. ): Even though I was only briefly introduced to the characters (not to mention, it being only a one-shot) -- Minekura does it again!!! XD
Man, I only hope that new volumes she'd released for them will be translated and sold soon. Scanalations are one thing, but OWNING them is a whole other experience. ; _ ;

One of my favorite characters have to be Hakkai. With a seemingly easygoing and pleasant smile, with his ability to be responsible and insightful--MAN, can he be scary sometimes! O_o;
And for some reason, I always loved characters who are all smiles but have deep things (good and bad) lurking underneath. For her works, I really cannot recall a male or female character I dislike, good or "evil" (although I cannot imagine having an easy conversation with Sanzo...<_<;). They're all nifty in their own way...although, the mighty hypnotist "Zakuro-sama" is admittedly a dumbass that I can love. *Laughs*

With Komiya...I absolutely ADORED the exchange between him and a narcoleptic (*grins*) Kubota. Exploring the first volume through Komiya's point of view made me appreciate the mysterious Kubota more. T_T Even after dying, I like how in his own way - Kubota honors his pal Komiya. *Sighs*
One of the best things about Minekura is her ability mess with the reader's head. You can see her character's exchanges as mere (*cough* close) friendships...while providing so the perfect backdrop (and occasionally suspicious-sounding dialogue) for a potential relationship. Even if the characters aren't dating, the reader could still tell that there's a deep trust going on (and that's all that matters).

Haven't seen Honey Comb (heard of it, and seeking it out).
With Saiyuki, I haven't even heard that the last volume is coming out! O_O; ...In fact, I haven't gotten to reading Saiyuki Gaiden yet (WTF?!?). T_T I know what happens (some parts), but... GAH. So behind... *Dead* X_x;;
I'll find a way to catch up, dammit! >_<;/

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 7:50 pm

Posted by Qwchestr

Oh, I know right?! They are amazing together XD <3

Oh gosh, Hakkai is just SO amazing! Its so easy to forget what a creeper he is at times. When he broke the fake gojyo's arm in half I was just like "OH SH- This guy is the most dangerous of them all." XDD Even Sanzo is afraid of him XD;;
And not to mention Gojyo/Hakkai is my first ever OTP. XD;; I use to like Sanzo/Goku but after seeing Gaiden I cant help only seeing a father/son type of love. /:

LOL Zakuro-sama is SO weird, I love him but sometimes im just like "Why is he here? XDD" <33

And YES! She really does mess with our heads! She does that perfectly in Stigma too, the relationship between the main guy and the boy is just so beautiful that I sometimes wonder if I'm even worthy enough to LOOK at it! ;W; <33 And how it ends, I SO didn't see that coming, and she played it out so PERFECTLY I just can't even explain it. When people ask me about Minekura's work I always suggest Stigma first, cause even though I love all her manga, Stigma ((Although a one shot)) So far is the only one that has been able to make me cry. ;W; <3333

Oh! I also love the little boy in Wild Adapter in vol.5. It's so sad! I started reading it like "Dang, this boys a snob" then it turned to "Dang this boy has a sad life with his parents" To finally "OMG I DONT EVEN WANNA LOOK ITS SO SAD! ;W; " Once I figured out he KNEW what was going on, it was just so heart breaking! </3

Gaiden is just PURE SADNESS. Oh gosh, the deaths were brutal and unfair, and the last things they said/thought were SO sad! Like Kenren ((Gojyo's past life, and first to die)) his last thoughts were of Tenpou ((Hakkai's past life)) and Tenpou, dieing second, had this long conversation in his head about reading books, and how Kenren would get mad at him if he made a mess in the library, while he is fighting. And the last thing he says "Sorry to keep you waiting" just CRUSHED me. ;W; Tenpou and Kenren are just TOO sweet! And of course the Konzen death. OMG He says something like this before he dies, while grabbing Goku's hand, "Goku, you were the one who reached out to me first...Next time, I promise..I..I'll be the one to reach for you. No matter what I'll reach for you" and *GUSHES* SO SWEET AND SAD! ;W;

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 8:12 pm

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

Mysterious So-and-So in Volume 2...

Am currently reading Stigma as we speak (thank you for the link, by the way!).
Do you ever notice sometimes how there's recurring themes in Minekura's works? Sometimes I wonder if the artist had to struggle with finding "existence" as well. This reminds me of my own works sometimes; for, upon looking back - I find out how I unconciously slipped in a character or scene that reminds me of "Hey, I got this feeling before..."

And as for Zakuro-sama, he reminds of characters authors sometimes purposely put in their works just to torture them. :D Although, I would like to see him and Goku interact as buddies more...because they're rather...similar. ^^; ...Well, minus Zakuro's "I think of myself as a fabulous, tragic-romantic hero of a shoujo manga" disorder. :D

Oh! And upon looking at the titles Minekura has done on Mangafox's archives...couldn't help but to go "GFKDA?!? Nooooo!!!!" over how much I've missed. At least NOW, I can catch up thanks to you. =_=;
Thank you so much for telling me about this!
By the way, since I haven't read as far as you you recall a sun-glasses, bandana-wearing character lurking up on a tree branch on page 34 of Volume 2 of Saiyuki Reload? Saw him once, never saw him again for the rest of the volumes so far...just WHO is this guy?!? O_o;

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 8:39 pm

Posted by Qwchestr

lol no problem! I love dicussing Stigma with people! :D

And yeah! I have that problem, too! Usually for me it's characters. Like in my comic MTCPT, I unconcioussly took my two strogest points in my personality and turned them into characters except amplified ((Like how Sanders is just a TOTAL CREEPER, I think the things he likes are funny, but I dont take it to the same level as him. XD)) the best example for this comic is Rick. Me and Rick are SO much alike. XD;; Mostly in the fact that he doesn't know what he want's but he knows it's probably staring him right in the face and is too blind to see it. Also, his habit of messing himself up in an attempt to do it before something worse does it for him. ((You will see that in this chapter))

LOL yeah, I think he is one of those characters, too! I tried to make Greg kinda like that ((Though something always brings him back to happy status XD)) and my character Jock in MTCPT, he's got it REAAAL bad. XDD AND LOL. That part was so funny when Goku got traped in the illusion! XD

Aww, yay! It is nice to be caught up! I simply ADORE her works :D and as for the character, I don't remeber ever seeing a guy like that so... I dont think he comes back XDD;;;

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 9:14 pm

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

*Balks* WHAT?!? So, Mr. Mysterious-Yet-Cool-Character-Design is forever mysterious?!? D: This makes me highly doubt that he'll appear for the last volume of Saiyuki Reload (much less any other titles spawned off it). This is the first time Minekura has ever dissapointed me...! *DEVESTATION MODE*

*Ahem* Anywho, just finished Stigma and... I see what you mean. T_T *Shakes fist at Stalk* While I feel some sense of understanding for Mr. Stalk's history, he just...ERGH! *Throws hands in air* Despite being a one-shot, I liked how through a simple series of "episodes" one is still left off understanding the complexity of how each character sees one another along with their own personalities. There's much more that I can say about it - Stork's way of thinking (it's very lyrical/rhythmic, amazingly) to the soft coloring Minekura uses.

From your description of Rick ("doesn't know what he wants, but...knows it's probably staring him right in the face"), can't help but to say that I completely empathize. -_-; Maybe, somewhere deep down, he truly does know - the question is: is Rick hardy and brave enough to do it once he figures it out?
Think before you act; yet, act and don't over-think. Sheesh! The story of my life. ;P Life is one demanding companion.

As for "common themes" in my own storytelling; I, for some reason, want to establish a relationship for some of my characters...HOWEVER, as ridiculous as this sound, I, the writer in question, cannot seem to make it "fit" those particular characters and their personalities. Versus coming up with a plot, I let my characters naturally over time tell me what it is. I'm just the messenger, nothing more.
And let's not mention my stickler-attitude towards wanting to takes the feelings as realistically as possible.
...So far, two of my characters are being total jerks (*shakes fists*) for being so commitment-phobic. Each for different reasons. T_T;
Maybe I'm just not meant to write romance - for a lot of the scenarios I come up with do just fine without the romantic element within it as well. Not sure if this is good or not... *Weakly laughs*

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 10:32 pm

Posted by Qwchestr

Yeah, I really dont remember him XD;;;

Oh gosh, yes! I love how Stork says something like "We are all just filled with sawdust, and pretending to be alive" when he is comparing people with the dead bird. AND! The end OHGOSH. The fact that the boy can't even see it made me so sad, but the fact that he now has something better ((Stork)) is nice. I loved the entire church scene. ;W; <33

And as for rick being brave enough... You will see. XD ((In about a year probably, with how much I update XD;; )) They don't actually adress the matter until the very end of the comic. O__O;; And yeah! I'm glad you understand what I meant! It's such an annoying thing to feel! XD

Hmmm... I actually think it's a good thing. I don't know where you live, but in America there is a 50% divorce rate. The fact that you have relationships that do not work brings a kind of realness to all the holywood ideal of love that everyone keeps shoving down our throats. I tried to make Rick kinda like that. Like, he writes all those super lame scripts for the soap opera with all the gushy love and randomness. I think he almost wants to beleive in the stuff he writes, even though he knows how lame and ridiculous it is.

LOL we can both not be meant to write Romances toether! *sucks at it too* XD;;
Btw, is there anywhere I can see your story? :D

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 10:58 pm

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

My story?!? O//o
Ah...well...*Scratches head*
I haven't actually posted bits of it for the public yet. ._.;
I've only had friends look over some versions of it, but at the moment it's still a developing work-in-progress because it's not organized (plot-wise) enough yet. Whether I decide to give a shot on it being a comic or a story though, we'll see...sometimes I thought having a mixture of both would've been cool. ^_^
Honestly, I've always envied people who went out there and posted/published their works regardless of what skill level they were. As for me, I want to make it and finish it before I ever show it to others.
Maybe I'll start off creating short stories before I start attempting to tell my more larger universe of the characters I've known since middle school (and who evolved a lot since then).

And when it comes to Stigma - hearing how you saw that the kid got something much better (Stork) despite losing his sight left me feeling happy.
In fact, it reminded me of how when I was younger - if something bad happened, that was it. Done. Nothing you can do about it. Nowadays though, my view of the world is more broader...and your statement reminded me of that, because I thought of the same thing upon reading the ending. The only thing that left me restless was how the boy wouldn't get his dreams - maybe it's because I'm stuck in a part of my life now that's like that.
That's how it is when it comes to me writing romances as well. :D You see, part of what I write comes from however I am as a person at the time. Whatever I want the world to know changes. In this part of my life, the characters I have contain themes that say how even STARTING a relationship can be a complicated thing. The greatest obstacle for me is preservation of independence; for I still feel like I haven't accomplished the things I want to do or be. Some of my characters tell me that they reflect that (they're my therapists, apparently) and they're too stumped on how to overcome it - leaving me a plot that comes at a total stand still. There's something from this story I want to say, but I still don't know how to. You know what I mean?

Heh, and your comment about Rick's mushy script-writing made me smile. It sounds like you're the type of writer than think about their characters a lot versus as a mere instrument for, like say, porn. XD
"He almost wants to believe in the stuff he writes" - it captures how I feel about my own writing sometimes, even though I haven't touched the 'Gushy-love' department (...yet?). More often than not, I want to explore personalities and events of "how the other lives" while still infusings bit of my own reality within it. Having characters different from me makes me appreciate the same, different personalitys I encounter in reality. It reminds me of how everyone's complicated.
Although I got to admit, stories that are overly-pessmistic to senseless (one-night stands all the time) can also be an exaggeration on what love is like when it comes to the media. ^^;

And hey, when it comes to romance - I don't think anybody can suck at. What may seem like a "romance" for one person leaves another saying, "Woah, there's no chemistry!"
And as long as you portay the feelings realistically enough (again, subjective reader opinion), you won't suck at romance.
For instance, you got that perfectly with Rick and Danny's longing for other during the "lying on a couch scene" that left me sorry for the characters yet flailing in adoration at the same time.
The only problem is probably trying to make circumstances work for the characters to believably fall in love or at least care for onc another. Hence, my current problem. ^^;

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 11:18 pm

Posted by Qwchestr

Oh, I see! I understand that, I have a lot of friends who do the same thing :D
Well, when you do ever release it to the public, I'd love to read it! <3

Yeah, Stigma is just so full of not realized dreams. D: But I liked at the end the line "I knew we were walking under an endless blue sky" made me think that maybe they were just looking for something they already had with each other but didn't realize it until now.

Yes, I know what you mean! I do that a lot with this comic, too. Sometimes the characters just write themselves into the story and then your left thinking "How am I suppose to fix what they said or done? I can't explain what they're doing cause I dont even know" D:

Oh gawd. the porn comment made me laugh. It makes sense that I don't do that though, considering I'm asexual. XD;; I like to write love stories from the innocent side of love, sinse I ((as an asexual, I know others wont completly agree)) see love as something not physical, but just the ability to be safe and comfortable with another person.

And yeah, I try to do that too, but it's SO hard. XD;; Like, Johnathan, Philip, Stacy, and Danny I just have such a hard time writing for because they are nothing like me. And whenever I put them on the page im like "Oh gawd, I hope this is right" XDD And for sure! The one night stand thing is totally exaggerated. If you dont like it, dont do it. XDD I'm personally tired of the rape somehow=love stories. D:

Awww, thanks so much! I personally don't even know how to feel about Philip. He doesn't even help move the story along really... He's kinda just a bystander who got swept into the storm of tv dramas. XDD

EDIT: Yeah I have that problem too! XD It's like, I want Danny and Rick to get together, but it's just not getting to them. D: Like, it's been 13 years already and they are still in this weird relationship. D: I know whats going to happen, but I'm still not sure if it will work, like if the readers will receive it well. :/

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 11:48 pm

Posted by Noelle

That's it, I'm going to coppy and paste all of your comments and make a book called, 'Qwchestr and Mavi's analytical and philosophical discussions on art and storytelling.' It'll make a fortune I promise, and I can get 10% of the profits. =]

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 11:52 pm

Posted by Qwchestr


Lol philosophy? We were just fangirling over mangas. XDD!! ((Kinda *shifty eyes*))

Ahaha, WHAT? NO! 20% is my final offer! Take it or leave it! D:<

Posted at June 7th, 2009, 11:56 pm

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

To Noelle: *Laughs* Go ahead, just be sure to give Qwchester most of the profit - it IS her webcomic that got me started talking, after all! ^_^ You can copy and paste some of things I wrote, if it somehow (?) helps you as inspirational advice or something...? ^^;

To Q: By the way, I always wondered why you chose that name for yourself. Did it just "sound right," or is there another kind of history for it?

And when it comes to rape=love stories...I'm on the fence when it comes to those things. While I understand rape fantasies for real people are attractive because the people can CHOOSE who her rapist is (versus, random); a lot of the time in comics, the way they explain it away as love leaves me wondering whether the victim got hit in the head too many times ("Oh, it's my fault I didn't listen...") or the demented (passionate!) rapist's. ^^; If one is to write an effective sex scene on rape, one would have to be either professional to convince someone like me (haha, RARE) - or, just be very satisfied with the idea that the characters simply WON'T end up together or stay/fall in love. Rape occurs, but no hugs and kisses in the end, or something like that. *Shudders*

As for Rick and Danny, personally I think there's still a chance they can get together. They may have survived each other long enough to be in their thirty's, and yes-it's awkward as hell, but it isn't too late to realize and ATTEMPT (if not always succeed) against one's mistakes. With Rick and Danny, I'm sure somehow in their experience over the years...they'll find some way to be honest and settle things (for better or worse).
Methinks your most difficult challenge is equating how Ricky's fiancee will fit into this. One has yet to know what Danny thinks of her (for all we know, he may see her as a decent gal, good for Ricky--if not he, himself). If both men happen to like her (as a friend, girlfriend, whatever), then that'll only make the story more suspenseful versus a universe where one of them (or both) depises her. If you choose this route, you'd probably would have to mull over the script a bit more.
And if you're worried about they're stuck in their present dynamic, one merely needs more "storytelling" (or episodes) to see if they change in subtle or direct ways (like Danny's habit for stubborness *laughs*).
And when it comes the audience reception of these two, I'm sure people will be very sad for them. And no, not because they didn't get to see sex (those readers would've left already by Ch.6)!
Although, the best they could hope for (if this worst did occur) is that the two do not end up being enemies. If you answer all questions or tie up plot holes, making the reader understand (if not exactly, like) why they chose what they did--then at least you achieve a sense of closure.

With Philip (agh, just noticed how I spelt his name wrong the ENTIRE TIME), methinks he moves the story along in terms of revealing more to the reader about Johnathan's duality. In fact, it leaves me wondering whether Greg or Stacy knows of this side that only Philip seems to know. He may not change things dramatically, but he has his uses. Geez...I sound SO cold. O_o; *Pets him*
And oh yeah, I don't think the audience will mind whatever you dp as long as you don't pull a "Hamlet" and kill nearly everyone in the cast (hence, why it's labeled a "Tradegy" <_<;). And hey, they just may have hope when it comes to the odd dynamics of Johnathan, Philip, and Greg...who knows what'll happen to them?
Nonetheless, I'll wish Danny and Rick the best of luck for whatever story paths they're meant to naturally go.

Posted at June 8th, 2009, 12:19 am

Posted by Qwchestr

LOL I chose this name just cause I'm a weirdo and thought it would be fun to see people try to pronounce it. XD;;

Yeah! thats pretty much where I stand on those rape=love stories too! A lot of people write them, but never write it in a way that makes me believe that it will work. And in real life the only time you see rape happen while exsisting with love is if like, in a marrige the wife is physically abused by her husband, but still loves him. But I dont like those stories. D:

Aww, thats good to know you think they stand a chance :D
Lol, I actually just finished writing her parts throughout the entire comic, and I personally like how she fits in, but at the same time I'm like "Aww. D: Poor girl" but yeah, I think if people feel anything toward her in the end it's going to be pity ((Or a hatred of rick. XDD;; ))
speaking of people being sad for them. I really can't wait for chapter 8. That's kind of the climax in Rick and Danny's part of the story. ((The chapter after this one is the climaz for the main 3)) And needless to say I went overboard with it, XDD I like it cause it shows a new side of Rick and Danny that you dont usually see. I really wanna write it XDD


OHGOSH. Lol I wouldnt kill off my characters ((That would make no sense. XD)) And as for what happens to the three of them~ You will see! XDD
Yay! Thanks! <333

Posted at June 8th, 2009, 12:34 am

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

I'm so glad to hear how far you are in writing the script. :) Maybe one day you can show readers on what your "scripts" look like on a day where you feel too tired to draw? Or, as a "Behind the Scenes" or something link, which would be interesting...
For who knows, people planning to make comics can use some prodding on how a script for a comic CAN look like!
Some comics I've read provided their scripts, which were very interesting. Some were very detailed (because they worked in a collaboration) while others were the bare minimum that left one wondering how they ever remembered all the important plot details? O_o

Just curious, what made PDCU emerge? Seeing something and sparking it? A comment someone made? What was it? :D
For some reason, I always seem to get my best ideas at night (WHY?!? ;_;) or when I'm in the shower (don't ask why). My brain seems to like making my awesome ideas difficult to access through a notepad and pen. D:

Posted at June 8th, 2009, 12:46 am

Posted by Qwchestr

Oh, I just plan it all out in my head. XD It's amazing I still remember it after 2 years of working on the comic XD;;

Oh, it started by my cousin, who is an actress, got a acting job in a soap opera. And I just thought it would be funny to call a soap opera "PLEASE DONT CANCEL US!" cause...yeah. I dunno. It made sense to me. XDDD;;;

PFFFT. For some reason this next page of PDCU isn't coming out the way I want. Danny looks like the old guy from that move UP. XDD;; *GETS SHOT*

Posted at June 8th, 2009, 12:54 am

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

Danny, Who Acts like a Stereotypical Old Man

Sorry if I'm disrupting your work, Qwchestr - especially if it's for PDCU! O-o;

As for Danny... perhaps he resembles the main character from UP (which I still have YET to see! D:) because he's initially grumpy like Danny? XD Between Rick and Danny, methinks Rick would someday get "smile wrinkles" while Danny got "forehead wrinkles" due to looking grumpy all the time. :D
If it helps, maybe you should get him out of that chair (my, my - how he slouches!).

Once you figure it out, I'm sure everyone will look forward to your update! :D

Posted at June 8th, 2009, 1:19 am

Posted by Qwchestr

Nah, lol I'm one of those ppl who can't work without distractions. All of the animators I work with get annoyed with me cause of it. XDD;;;

LOL Smile wrinkles and forehead wrinkles! XD I can SO see that lol. Even though Danny already considers himself an old man. XD;;
And Nah, I meant he looks like the old guy from up cause i drew his face too wide. XD;;;;;; AND SDEFNRKG. YOU NEED TO SEE THAT MOVE. I CRIED 4 TIMES. NO JOKE. It is SOOO good!

Lol, my my how he slouches indeed! XD That might be because I have slouching problems. ((It seems a lot of ppl I met in the entertainment bis have that prob too. O___O;; ))

Posted at June 8th, 2009, 1:24 am

Posted by Mavi (Guest)

Oh, you're working in animation - and at age nineteen, too? That's amazing!!! :DDDD Already, you're working on something that interests you! That's awesomely-awesome-terrific! \^_^/ *Throws candy in the air and gets smacked by one* >_o

*Ahem* As for the "slouching problem," methinks stress and tiredness (or just uncomfy chairs, depending on how unlucky you are) does that to you. It's a bad habit that the early beginnings of school teaches you how to do. Haha, it's just seems SO helpful to learn. ;D

As for me, my work ethic often revolves around my surroundings as well. Many things can be happening around me, but I need the right environment to kick-start my mind into working. For this reason, I can NEVER do my school work at my house. <_<;

P.S: Currently reading Saiyuki Gaiden (yes, I can finally update my mind!).

Posted at June 8th, 2009, 1:40 am

Posted by Qwchestr

Yeah, lol It's a lot of fun! I got to meet some of the animators that made the classic disney movies, and some other really cool people. It's so much fun! :D

LOL SO TRUE. I blame my early school years for the slouching habit XDDD

Aw, same here! I have such a problem with working at home. I get so lazy at home. Or tempted to listen to music while I work. ((In studios we arent allowed to listen to music. D: ))

AND YAY! Gaiden is amazing, you will love it! :D

Posted at June 8th, 2009, 1:46 am

Hikari Yuki
Posted by Hikari Yuki

Q, m'dear, I always get hurt because I'm a klutz. I'm not even kidding. I fell up the stairs the other day and really badly banged up my knee. It left a bruise and even swelled for a bit. And it still hurts a bit if I kneel on it. X____X On the plus side, with my history of injuries, it could have been WAAAAY worse. [Like I could have fallen backward and broken my neck. Hahahah! Now that would have sucked.l ^___^ I'm too happy about this...]


[Why am I telling you how epic fail I really am?]

But yes...that WOULD be why her hair was such fun for you to color! !___! You were embalming it with delicious juices!

Posted at June 11th, 2009, 1:06 am

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